Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mushroom case

New traditional illustration!. Again my dear pencil colors...

This mushroom is like a bookcase to enjoy reading, very practical ;). I'm sure to read on top of it can be really comfortable.

Yesterday was a very busy day (in many ways! so embarrassed and nervous... but you guys were so kind... thank you.)! That's why I couldn't post anything here... I ended very tired at the end, but with a lot of energy, and motivation. I'm sure I can keep going even if it takes me time, I'm more positive. Look forward and to life present!! :).

It made me realize how lucky I'm of what I have and who I am. I already knew it, or people said it to me, but it's always good that someone reminds it to you once in a while. I got out of there more positive and loving what I do more.

Also, I met really lovely people there! I hope I can keep contact with them and to see what
the future has for us ;)

More news about it in the near future. See you tomorrow!!


  1. qué bonita! me encanta la textura que consigues con los colores :)

    1. Muchas gracias!! Me hace muy feliz que pienses eso :)