Monday, 23 December 2013

Waiting for Santa

Christmas Day is almost here!! This little cup, and his friends, are so excited they can't wait to meet Santa Claus as soon as possible. They don't care for presents, they just want to meet him ;).

These days I'm really busy (places and people to meet), and even if I will keep an eye on my blog and internet every day, maybe I won't can post daily, but I will try hard to keep going with it. But, you know, these holiday days are like these.

Are you waiting for Santa? Do you celebrate it? In my house, we don't exactly "celebrate" it. Since being kids, my sister and myself waited for Santa to leave us a present, but it was always a small present, to keep us entertained till the big day, the important celebration in my country: the arrival of Three Wise Kings (January 6th).

I have good memories, of my sister and myself preparing milk and cookies for all of them (for Santa and for the Three Wise Kings, and water for their camels). And you know what? They drank and ate our cookies every year, which made us very happy ;)

Have nice holidays!! See you!!

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