Thursday, 20 March 2014

About sketching

Today I'm busy, so I decided to show some old sketches of illustrations I already finished here, so you can see how some of my illustrations are created.

Sketching is a really important part of the creative process regardless of the artistic discipline. If you have an idea, you need to draw/write it down in a paper as soon as possible. It will help you to visualise what you really want to get, to see if it's viable and what you need to eliminate.

Try not to start working directly with your first idea. Make some little drawings at first. Don't start sketching many detailed illustrations: you need to draw shapes, (like circles or triangles for example) to help yourself to know if your idea is good.

the illustration of the little girl above, I drew some little representations (and here I only showed two of them) of the idea I wanted to get. Once I decided which composition I wanted, I designed the girl who appeared in it. This final illustration is here.

Sometimes, when I'm not working on something specific or for someone, but more for myself, I like to draw random little sketches of ideas I am getting at the moment. Some of these ideas stay as sketches for a long time (others are finished as soon as I draw them). Later, when I'm cheeking my sketchbook, I decide to start working with them from cero if I feel it's "the right moment".

Always bring a sketchbook with you, you never know when you will get a new idea ;)!

The sketch of the little boy sitting was drawn with a ball-point pen in a sheet out of nowhere. It helped me to get the idea to start, some weeks later, this illustration. I changed things of this, but you can see, I used this as a first idea.

The last illustration is more finished. I wanted to create a character
design for a little bird. Just to play with a different style.  It's one of those cases where I create the design directly from zero and I decide to start illustrating it directly.
You just need to have fun with what you do, but try to take it seriously. Work with many ideas, compositions, moving components, perspective, etc. Also, if you are working for a client, it will be really appreciated you can show them many possibilities ;)

Long post today!, I hope you have a nice day. See you!!

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