Friday, 21 March 2014

Time to wake up!

Spring is here!! And these little "flowers" are ready lo blossom and to say hello to you from their pot-house :).

I also made a character design for these little girls, even if you can't see it because of the leaves around them, but as as soon as I get time, I will finish it to show it to you.

Anyway, I really had a lot of fun with it (it was suppossed to be a fast illustration, but I couldn't help myself to keep going with it...). Also, it gave me the excuse to draw this kind of plant pot. It reminds me to my old house, we had some of them with this style back then. So, I decided to post it here now because of spring just started! I thought it was the right moment :)

Nothing else for today! I'm not sure if I will get time to post anything here this weekend so have a nice weekend!!

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