Thursday, 6 March 2014

Present: Sweet bunny

One of the presents I wapped for a present last month. Again, the present inside is related with sweets and food ;)

I actually stamped every white dot by hand with acrylics. It was hard, tiring, and time consuming for sure, but I couldn't find a paper with dots on it, so I had to do it by myself... I still remember how much my back hurt while doing it, but at least I could make it on time :)

I drew this little bunny-ice cream and my sister Noemí helped me to sew it really fast, while I stamped the paper (I helped with it too, once I finished with the paper, but most of it is thanks to her). I really had no time to make it myself... I wish I could have. In the back of it, we attached a clasp to make a brooch on it.

Actually, I loved so much this bunny's design I plan on making an illustration with it as soon as possible, with some variations, but more or less, like it was sewn ;)

To "tie" this brooch to to present, I used decorated tape as if it were a rope.

For sure, I enjoyed planning this present, but sadly it was made in a hurry. I'm really glad my sister could help me that much. She really is the best!!. For next time, I want more time, please!!

Nothing more for today! Have fun!

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