Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lollipop masks

Something different for today! It's one of the things I told you some post ago I made an improvised photo session :).

Those little masks (or "lollipop" as I called them) was created by hand for the atrezzo of a photo session I made in my photography class. I had to buy some clothes, and even create two long skirts (thanks to my mother) for this session, but I wanted to create some objects for the model to hold at some point of the session.

After sketching some ideas, I wanted to add them some decorations, not all of it painted (acrylic in this case together with cardboard), such as the pearls, the lace or even the fake eyelashes... yeah, I thought it would be nice to give them some "real" eyes (I already had the idea of their eyes being closed, so, why not? :) ), I just looked for two different to give them some "personality" according with their color. By the way, the darker one is inspired in 20's and the pink one is inspired by lolita fashion.

I only had a model, one my dear classmates (poor girl, I gave her a hard time back then...love you!). She used two clothes' styles during this session: one with sweet colors and the other with darker colors. That's why I created those "lollipop" she would be holding when wearing the contrary color scheme.

Here you can see two photos that weren't chosen to give to the teacher, but that way you have an idea of their size:

Did I tell you she had to wear two different head masks during all the session? One of a white rabbit (for sweeter clothes) and another of a rat's (when wearing darker clothes). Everyone was "scared" of the rat one, because it was quite realistic, but at the end it was the one that worked the best with the photos. My classmates ended thinking it was very cool :). You can see a little of its ear in the first photo.

Maybe someday I will show some of these photos here, but for now, the focus are the "lollipops" :). I will try to show you some of the sketches I made for this session soon.

Have a nice day and tomorrow more!

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