Sunday, 22 September 2013

Looking back

I have always loved drawing, since a kid, my parents noticed it right away, and I enjoyed it.

Since then I have been always drawing, and especially as a kid, learning by myself. I was not conscious always, but I "forced" (dunno a better word to describe it) myself to try to draw, for example, a face from a photograph. No one showed me how to do it (and of course I made some terrible mistakes, like not knowing about face' structure, or how to use the pencil correctly. But I just started to learn about pencil's pressure, or even using my finger to smooth it to create shading.

When I was a teenager I started to read comics, and of course, to draw them. Again, nobody taught me about page's composition or panels or anything, but I did it anyway, and started to create my own characters and stories (to call them someway, they were terrible, but I had no problem to show to people I didn't even know).

But as I grew older and older, I noticed I started to lose that... "intuition". I keep learning , by myself and by others, or that feeling of "I just want to draw something, I don't care what it's". I hadn't any pressure.

I suppose that's what mean to grow... I still love drawing, it's my passion I wanted to become my profession as a child, but sometimes I miss that sense of  "freedom" and "intuition" I had as a child. Luckily, there are times sometimes I still feel it, like cracks. Nowadays I try hard to treasure them and enjoy them while they last.

Childhood is for sure really beautiful, that's maybe why I love so much children's books, and to draw for them. I got that feeling again together with many happy memories, and I think it's great.


Hope you have a nice day and see you tomorrow :).

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